Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Khon Kaen Campus.

We are made up of many academics working on various fields across the Mechanical Engineering spectrum, professionals with hands-on experience, a  highly skilled technician, graduates and undergraduate students amounting to more than a hundred lives.

We continue to produce skilled graduates and supply Thailand’s workforce with competent engineers. We place our high quality teaching into the heart of what we do and aim to equip our students with hands-on skills. We are famous among many Thai companies for producing graduates that can start work with confidence from day one according to our traditional ‘Technic Thai-German’ philosophy  –  “Skills, Disciplines, Kindness”

The department of Mechanical Engineering conduct research and produce innovations in many topics, to solve technology challenges that our society is facing. Our team members are working on many government-priority topics such as energy, renewable energy, automotive engineering, rail engineering, automation,  applied thermodynamics, mechanics, machinery and artificial intelligence (AI).

With our close tides with industry, our students spend 4 months on their in-work placements on our special programme called the ‘Co-operative Study’. Students work full-time in an enterprise as a real employee for a whole semester. They are required to conduct a project usually to benefit the enterprise by applying their engineering knowledge from the classroom to solve real engineering problems. The Co-operative Study is an important part of our syllabus and a proud ‘secret’ ingredient to produce graduates with hands-on skills.

We have collaborations with international universities such as Carl-Severing-Berufskolleg für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung (CBS) in Germany. We have an exchange programme every year to exchange our knowledge and innovations as well as teaching. We collaborate with Lanzhou University  in China to train our professionals and academics in Rail Engineering.

Last but not least, we bring our knowledge and innovations back to local communities by providing technical training to schools. With our students, we go on an annual field trip to service local farmers’ machinery equipment and teach them essential technical knowledge. We teach our students to apply their knowledge to help communities with skills, disciplines and kindness.